Uncertainty (2020) LP featuring Shinya Fukumori, Masaki Kai, and Gwen.
Crazy Cat (2013) EP featuring Matthias Bublath, Peter Cudek, Paul Wiltgen.
Castles and Hilltops (2011 Nineteen-Eight Records) featuring Danny Grissett, Matt Clohesy, Tommy Crane.
Fade (2008 Ropeadope) featuring Charlie Hunter and Simon Lott.
Valcour (2007 Arabesque Records) featuring Ingrid Jensen, Aaron Parks, Matt Blostein, Matt Clohesy, and Simon Lott.
Live in Concert (2003) featuring Ayako Shirasaki, Miles Brown and Obed Calvaire.
ElephantBear 'Hide and Go Seek' (2008)
ElephantBear ‘Hide and Go Seek’ (2008 Old Man Upstairs Records) – featuring the songs of my childhood friend Mike Pedersen.  I play drums, piano, vibraphone and backing vox on this album

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