“For Good People” Signed CD


“For Good People” CD- featuring Tim Collins (vibes), Matthias Bublath (organ), and Christian Lettner (Drums).

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The CD comes out officially on Feb 24th, but you can order now and have it shipped as early as January 15th! AND I’ll even sign it with a personalized message if you like.

Tim Collins – “For Good People” (GLM EC610-2)

Tim Collins (Vibraphone), Matthias Bublath (Hammond Organ), Christian Lettner (Drums).

  1. Mainline Rush 5:30 (Collins)
  2. Trapped 6:00 (Bublath)
  3. For Good People 7:42 (Collins)
  4. Don’t Get Caught 7:02 (Collins)
  5. Jak’s Joint 7:00 (Bublath)
  6. Sweet And Lovely 6:05 (Arnheim, Daniels, Tobias)
  7. Biboul Youssef 7:09 (Bublath)
  8. Situli Shuffle 7:50 (Collins)
  9. Down The Old Road 5:44 (Collins)
  10. Schorfheide 7:22 (Bublath)

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