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Whether you are an aspiring jazz musician, a classical percussionist interested in jazz, or a teacher who wants to know how to introduce your students to jazz vibraphone, I would be glad to help you with online lessons!

Tim Collins, Jazz Vibraphone
(Photo: Thomas Radlwimmer)

I believe the key to learning jazz improvisation is to set yourself up for positive improvisation experiences. This means setting goals that are easily achievable, and lead to the desire to play more, not less.  

So many people get overwhelmed by all the scales, chords, alterations, ii-Vs…When you play a song and have the feeling that you failed at everything, that’s a negative experience that can hinder your desire to keep playing.  After all, music is FUN isn’t it? This is why I think music should be taught like a language.

Music Is A Language

Think about it – first you learned words.  Then you learned how to use those words in a sentence.  Remember when you would try to impress your parents by using a big word in every sentence you possibly could? Fast forward years later, and now you don’t think about the words you choose – you just express yourself.  

Yeah, that’s how you learn to play jazz, too. 🙂

As of this moment, I offer private lessons via Skype/Google Meet/Zoom.  I’m also currently developing a comprehensive online course for jazz vibraphone, so check back here to find out when it goes live.

My online lesson setup has multiple camera angles, including overhead shots of the vibraphone.  I record exercises and practice techniques for you and send the video file to you directly after the lesson! It works quite well.  

If you are interested in taking a private lesson, please simply contact me.  My rates are reasonable and I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. You don’t need to have a sophisticated recording setup for online lessons with me! A basic video chat connection is all you need (Skype/Google Meet/Zoom).  As long as I can hear you, I’ll be able to help you!

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