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Vibraphone Masters Course - Bobby Hutcherson Idle Moments

The Vibraphone Masters: Bobby Hutcherson ‘Idle Moments’

Solar Jazz Standard

Solar – Essential Jazz Standards Lesson

This classic jazz tune will train your chops on ii-V-I’s in F, Eb, Db and C minor. Each etude builds on the previous, giving you a clear progression from beginner to advanced. PDF book for C, Bb, and Eb instruments!

There Will Never Be Another You Jazz Standard

There Will Never Be Another You – Essential Jazz Standards

Ah, yes. This famous tune will teach you about modulations to the relative minor, secondary dominants, as well as tricky turnarounds – so come on in to this course, where I will explain everything in the simplest way possible – and you will have fun learning it by PLAYING!

On Green Dolphin Street Jazz Standard

On Green Dolphin Street – Essential Standards

This intermediate level course goes in-depth on how to play “On Green Dolphin Street” in the key of C. We will analyze the chords structure, and use a variety of improvisation approaches, plus I’ll give you some creative ways to structure your practicing on this tune.

Milt Jackson Style Blues Course

Milt Jackson Style Blues In 10 Levels!

This sequential lesson series will build up your understanding of the 12-Bar blues, using bebop phrases, substitutions, and ii-V lines all in the style of the great Milt Jackson. PDF Book & Backing Track included!


Killer Jazz Vibes Course – Let’s Play!

New to improvisation? Start here! This course will improve your skills through songs, etudes, exercises and riffs. After completion, you’ll be able to perform 5 songs in varying styles, and you’ll have a plan for learning new songs and developing your improvisation skills.

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