The Killer Jazz Vibes Book (PDF)


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The COMPLETE ‘Killer Jazz Vibes Book’ by Tim Collins


The ‘Killer Jazz Vibes Book’ by Tim Collins

If you are looking for etudes to play, bebop language to analyze, and an endless source of practice material that is musical, fun and challenging, this is the book for you! I’ve compiled everything into one book and IT’S 148 PAGES OF VIBRAPHONE AWESOMENESS!!!

NOTE: The full list of what is included is below.  Every single etude has a YouTube video on my channel.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with the download links for the book, which is split into 3 PDF files.  I will also mostly likely send you a personal thank you note!


Please note, these are only solo etudes and not the original melodies for these songs!

As always, you can contact me with any questions!

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