11 Jazz Vibraphone Comping Etudes (based on “Standards”)


These 11 etudes are specifically designed to help you learn the art of “comping” on vibraphone.  They are based on the chord progressions of common jazz standards and include backing tracks!

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11 Jazz Vibraphone Comping Etudes (based on “Standards”)


These 11 etudes are specifically designed to give you creative ideas for playing chords behind a soloist within a band context.  Each comping etude has a video!

Jazz Vibraphone Comping Etudes included:

  1. Blues In F (3 choruses)
  2. Rhythm Changes in Bb (2 choruses)
  3. There Will Never Be (2 choruses – based on “There Will Never Be Another You”)
  4. Starlight (2 choruses – based on “Stella By Starlight”)
  5. Autumn (2 choruses – based on “Autumn Leaves” in G minor)
  6. Black (2 choruses – based on “Black Orpheus” in A minor)
  7. Bossa Blue (3 choruses – based on “Blue Bossa”)
  8. Bird Lady (3 choruses – based on “Lady Bird”)
  9. The Whole Of Me (2 choruses – based on “All Of Me”)
  10. All The Things (3 choruses – based on “All The Things You Are”)
  11. Somebody’s Soul (1 chorus – based on “Body and Soul”)

Each chordal etude contains a list of the “special techniques used” explaining common harmonic embellishments and where they are applied in the etude.  Types of embellishments used here include:

  • Tritone substitution
  • V7 chord alteration types
  • Passing chords
  • Chromatic approach chords
  • “Sussification”
  • Alternate chord progressions
  • Substitute secondary dominants
  • Adding 9ths, 11ths, 13ths for rich harmony
  • Rhythm patterns commonly used in comping
  • plus many others!

The PDF book also comes with the accompanying recordings of each etude – both the complete tracks (vibes, bass, drums), and just the backing track (bass, drums).  So you can practice along!

If you have questions, you can always contact me!

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