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On Green Dolphin Street – Essential Standards

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This course is open to all instruments/singers!

There are certain songs that make up what most people consider to be “core jazz repertoire”, and the song On Green Dolphin Street is definitely one of them. First written in 1947 for the film of the same name, it became a “jazz standard” roughly 11 years later, when Miles Davis recorded it. It’s one of the first tunes I ever learned, and to this day it’s one of the most common tunes that will get called at jam sessions all over the world.

On Green Dolphin Street Preview
Overhead Camera Angle from “On Green Dolphin Street”

In this course, you will learn how to analyze the chord progressions, how to practice improvisation, and most importantly – how to simplify the difficult sections of the tune so that you can make MUSIC with your improvisation.

I’ve organized the course into 13 video lessons – including a chordal etude, 4 improvisation etudes, as well as a “focused practice” exercise package that gives you specific ways to practice each section of this song.

What’s included in the course?

  • Custom MP3 play-along tracks in the key of C
  • PDF book with each of the lessons and exercises in concert, Bb and Eb instrument keys! (Others available on request)
  • 13 Videos, with overhead camera angles and on-screen musical notation.
  • Personalized feedback – If you send me recordings of your playing, I will get back to you with my feedback.

On Green Dolphin Street is a unique song because of the types of chord progression it uses. There aren’t a lot of jazz standards like this one, which is why it’s such a great song to learn as one of your first pieces.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

Tim Collins, Jazz Vibraphonist

This is an intermediate level course. If you have basic knowledge of 7th chords or scales, but struggle to turn that knowledge into musical improvisation, this course will help you. Maybe you know a few easier jazz tunes – perhaps a blues, and one or two simple jazz standards, but you are looking to get to the next level…this course will be perfect for you. Even if you are an experienced player who sits in at jam sessions – I bet there will be information in this course that will help deepen your knowledge.

Check out the lesson structure below – complete with a free sample video lesson!

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