Level 1: Basic shapes, simplify the 2-5-1, and using guide tones

Page 2 of the PDF booklet.

The first solo etude will make use of a simple 1-2-3-5 pattern in the A section.  In the B section, we will simplify the 2-5-1 progression by taking the 5 completely out.  Then in the last 8 bars, you will use two minor pentatonic shapes, and guide tones moving in half-steps.

Once you have learned this etude, it’s time to start “stretching” off of it.  In the next video, I improvise by messing around with the rhythms on the 1-2-3-5 shapes, and then played the guide tone ending with only some slight rhythmic variations.  You should try the same thing!

Level 1 Etude – Improvisation Demo: