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Solar – Essential Jazz Standards Lesson

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Solar is a jazz standard made famous by Miles Davis, but actually composed by guitarist Chuck Wayne.  It’s a wonderful 12 bar form that features ii-V-I progressions in F, Eb, Db, and C minor.  This means it’s a great starter jazz tune for all musicians.  It gets played at jam sessions the world over, and is required repertoire for aspiring jazzers! So let’s take a deep dive together in this tune.

What’s included in the course?

  • Nearly 40 minutes of video lessons, with overhead camera angles and on-screen musical notation.
  • Step-by-step lessons on how to build an improvised solo
  • Custom MP3 play-along tracks that compliment each etude
  • PDF book with each of the lessons and exercises  – music is available for C, Bb and Eb instruments (others available on request)
  • 2 complete solos, transcribed and explained in detail.

The structure of the course is simple – each etude methodically builds upon basic concepts from the previous.  There are two components to each one – a lesson video and a play along video.  Use the lesson videos to gain an understanding of the specific concept that is being used in each etude, and then use the play along to, ahem… play along 😉 As I always say, playing jazz and REALLY learning the fundamentals requires meticulous and diligent work – but it should also be FUN! That’s what I’ve tried to keep in mind when making this course.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

Tim Collins, Jazz Vibraphonist

This is an intermediate level course. If you have basic knowledge of 7th chords or scales, but struggle to turn that knowledge into musical improvisation, this course will help you. Maybe you know a few easier jazz tunes – perhaps a blues, and one or two simple jazz standards, but you are looking to get to the next level…this course will be perfect for you. Even if you are an experienced player who sits in at jam sessions – I bet there will be information in this course that will help deepen your knowledge.  Without a doubt, Solar is a jazz standard that all aspiring musicians must learn!

Check out the lesson structure below – complete with a free sample video lesson!

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