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Milt Jackson Style Blues In 10 Levels!

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Milt Jackson was a master of bebop language and a pioneer on the vibraphone.

I’ve written this mini-course to help you play an F blues in the style of “Bag’s Groove” by Milt Jackson. The main melody is followed by 10 etudes that each demonstrate a specific concept for improvisation.

Tim Collins, Jazz Vibraphonist

In these lessons, I cover pentatonics, basic 12 bar jazz blues chord structure, common ii-V substitutions, the altered dominant scale, as well as blues riffs and turnaround lines that will inject some bebop language into your playing. I also use a “stolen” Milt Jackson riff as one of the etudes ;).

Each of the 10 etudes gives you a specific concept to focus on while practicing your improvisation.

At the end of the course, the goal is for you to combine all of these concepts into one solo. A complete transcription of everything in the video is included in the PDF book.

What materials are included in the course?

  • A PDF of the complete lesson (12 Pages)
  • An Original MP3 Backing Track
  • 7 Video Lessons (With overhead vibraphone angles and on-screen musical notation)
  • 2 Solo Transcriptions using the concepts demonstrated

What Should I Know Before Taking This Course?

This course is best for intermediate players – if you know some jazz tunes and understand chords and lead sheets, you should be ready to take this course.

If you know all the scales and chords, but feel like you have trouble making music out of it, this course will help you too!

Is there a sample lesson available?

Yes! Absolutely. I have made a sample lesson below available so you can check it out. If you have any issues with the course, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


MP3 Backing Track

PDF Booket (12 Pages)

2 Transcriptions

10 Solo Etudes

7 Video Lessons

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