Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Fundamentals of Jazz Harmony (warmup exercises)
Section 3: C Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Warmups (for the coming songs!)
Section 4: "Slink Or Swim" Funky Blues in C
Section 5: "Summer Is On The Way" (C minor song based on the chords to Summertime)
Section 6: "Make A B-Line For It" (Song based on chords from "Take the A-Train")
Section 7: "Minor Funk Blues" (Funky Blues in G Minor)
SECTION 8: "Sailing The High Seas" (Modal song based on "Maiden Voyage")
SECTION 9: "Let's Play!!!" Trading Solos
Final Thoughts

Using Mixolydian Scales In Your Solo (2:37)

Once you are comfortable soloing using the chord tones, you can begin to fill in the space between them with notes from the scales. In this song, the three scales needed are C mixolydian, F mixolydian, and G mixolydian.

What is mixolydian? There are two ways to think about it:

  • It’s a major scale with a lowered 7th
  • It’s the 5th mode of a major scale.

The first way is probably easier to remember. To find C mixolydian, just play C major and lower the 7th note B to a B flat. Voila – C mixolydian. This is all demonstrated in the video below. (Transcription on page 15)