Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Fundamentals of Jazz Harmony (warmup exercises)
Section 3: C Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Warmups (for the coming songs!)
Section 4: "Slink Or Swim" Funky Blues in C
Section 5: "Summer Is On The Way" (C minor song based on the chords to Summertime)
Section 6: "Make A B-Line For It" (Song based on chords from "Take the A-Train")
Section 7: "Minor Funk Blues" (Funky Blues in G Minor)
SECTION 8: "Sailing The High Seas" (Modal song based on "Maiden Voyage")
SECTION 9: "Let's Play!!!" Trading Solos
Final Thoughts

Major ii-V-I Progressions (3:40) Page 5

The ii-V-I chord progression is so common in jazz (and other music), that it’s worth practicing as a standalone exercise. This will help you learn songs quicker and memorize chord progressions.

A ii-V-I progression consists of three chords – the “2” chord (often written with lowercase Roman Numerals ‘ii’), the “5” (or V) chord, and the “1” chord. In the key of C major, this means D minor 7, G7, C major 7.