Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Fundamentals of Jazz Harmony (warmup exercises)
Section 3: C Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Warmups (for the coming songs!)
Section 4: "Slink Or Swim" Funky Blues in C
Section 5: "Summer Is On The Way" (C minor song based on the chords to Summertime)
Section 6: "Make A B-Line For It" (Song based on chords from "Take the A-Train")
Section 7: "Minor Funk Blues" (Funky Blues in G Minor)
SECTION 8: "Sailing The High Seas" (Modal song based on "Maiden Voyage")
SECTION 9: "Let's Play!!!" Trading Solos
Final Thoughts

C Minor Pentatonic Exercises and Riffs (4:48) Page 6 + Bonus PDF in all 12 keys

The C minor Pentatonic scale is a great scale to become fluent on – because you can use it without fear of sounding bad in some of the upcoming songs!

I like to think of the pentatonic scale as a “starter drum set” – you can drum away on it all you want and without much thought… it will always sound pretty good. It’s a great basis for improvisation.

These exercises will give you some ways to move around the instrument while improvising.

BONUS! I’ve added an extra PDF with Pentatonic and Blues scale exercises in all 12 keys! Go get it in the main download section of the course.