“Lost Opportunities” – Jazz Vibraphone Composition


This is a composition of mine from 2013, which I then made into a YouTube video in 2014. ┬áThe song existed for a long time without any sheet music, but since enough people requested a chart for this tune I figured I’d make one ­čÖé

It features a C minor-ish intro groove that builds gradually. ┬áThe melody is mostly pentatonic, with some G7 altered sprinkled in. ┬áThe bridge of the tune has a funky bass line in 9/4, before going back to the opening groove a second time. ┬áThe solo section has two distinct sections – the first part is modal, sticking to C natural minor. ┬áThe second part features a much faster harmonic rhythm with chords that go through various major and minor 7ths using deceptive root movement…ah why am I writing this stuff? Just watch the video ­čÖé

If you purchase the PDF file you’ll get each of the following (besides my gratitude!):

  1. Lead Sheet style melody and chord chart (3 pages)
  2. Rhythm section chart that has the exact rhythmic hits and main piano voicings from the video (5 pages)
  3. a FULL transcription of the vibraphone solo (3 pages)
  4. a picture of my cat ‘W├╝rstchen’ who was walking on the vibes during my solo in the video.*

*(#4 is not actually included, but if you really want one I’ll send it to you!)

Overall the whole PDF is 11 pages long and it gives you everything you need to play this song with a band!

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