Fallen Grace (based on ‘Falling Grace’)



NOTICE: This is a transcription of the improvised vibraphone solo from the solo changes to ‘Falling Grace’ (Steve Swallow), but it does not include the original melody.

This solo consists of a ‘Neapolitan 6th chord’, otherwise known as a ‘Flat2, 5, 1’ chord progression.  There are also 2-5-1 progressions in the key of E minor, G major, Eb major, and Bb major.  I might have gotten carried away with the double-time lines, but hey, I thought it was fun – hopefully you will enjoy it.  There are several phrases that come back here, such as the B7 altered dominant melody that recurs.  Also, some pentatonic shapes and major scale embellishments can be found within this solo. (6 Pages – $2.99)

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