‘Angel Eyes’ – Comping Etude (Chords & Bass ONLY)



This is a transcription of the comping exercise I demonstrated in my video lesson – it uses a wide variety of voicings on the tune ‘Angel Eyes’ (Matt Dennis) in the key of A minor – by the way A minor is a very common key to play this song in!

DISCLAIMER: The melody for ‘Angel Eyes’ is NOT included in the sheet music here (it’s not my tune!)

The concepts covered in the video lesson include:

1. Harmonic Rhythm
2. Voice Leading
3. 2 and 3 Note Voicings For Vibraphone
4. Variety Of Time Feels
5. Intro and Outro Concepts
6. Voicing The Chords To Support The Melody
7. Rhythmic Counterpoint
8. Increasing Tension
9. Substitute Chords
10. Developing Your Style

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