A Night In Tunisia – Jazz Improvisation Lesson in 3 Levels



“A Night In Tunisia” was written by Dizzie Gillespie and it is one of the most famous jazz tunes of all time.

It’s one of those jazz tunes that seems a lot more complicated than it really is, mostly because of the way Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker were able to improvise such sophisticated and dense harmonic movements into the main key centers of the tune.

The solo form is AABA – the A sections are in D minor, while the bridge goes into G minor and F major. In this lesson, I demonstrate how to use the blues scale when soloing, as well as arpeggios and bebop lines outlining the 2-5-1 progressions.

I took three distinct approaches to improvising over the chords. Each one has specific elements that must be memorized, practiced, and internalized so that you can switch freely between the styles… or even better, just not think at all and play.

If you download the PDF (for free) you can really see where the scale changes take place, and it helps to follow along with the video.

Want some private lessons on “A Night In Tunisia” or other tunes? Feel free to contact me!

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