Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: The Fundamentals of Jazz Harmony (warmup exercises)
Section 3: C Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Warmups (for the coming songs!)
Section 4: "Slink Or Swim" Funky Blues in C
Section 5: "Summer Is On The Way" (C minor song based on the chords to Summertime)
Section 6: "Make A B-Line For It" (Song based on chords from "Take the A-Train")
Section 7: "Minor Funk Blues" (Funky Blues in G Minor)
Final Thoughts

C Minor Pentatonic Exercises and Riffs (4:48)

The C minor Pentatonic scale is a great scale to become fluent on – because you can use it without fear of sounding bad in some of the upcoming songs!

I like to think of the pentatonic scale as a “starter drum set” – you can drum away on it all you want and without much thought… it will always sound pretty good. It’s a great basis for improvisation.

These exercises will give you some ways to move around the instrument while improvising.

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